A-door-able and general design process

If you make a game, you have a lot of stuff to do. And the last thing you want to do is to write a blog post. Seriously, i could close a bug ticket and implement another feature during the time it takes me to write this.

So what naturally happens is that social media fall behind quite a bit. And why not? I do not have anything a could show you every week. You would probably not really appreciate if i showed you that awesome new code, that runs 2% faster on low-end-graphics cards, and fragments memory less. You guys want awesome features, nice screenshots and stuff. But - i do not have any of those too often. Because we are simply not there yet.

So i focus on development, and less on keeping everyone up to date. But is that a good thing? I don't know. Anyways, to make everything a bit easier for me, and to give you a chance to get involved and talk to us more easily, we have created a discord! This way you can keep in touch with us, and get a few of those nice little previews, that are not nice enough to post them on our page or twitter (because, you know, the internet does not forget).

It sounds alright...

So, just to give you an update. We are eagerly working on "How We Die". We have made a contract with an amazing sound artist who created the ingame music and soundtrack for us (and we love it). Meanwhile, we have finished up the game engine as far as possible. Starting September, Janina, a freelance game designer, will start working on the maps and missing artwork. We have little to showcase at the moment, and we have been rather busy actually getting some work done. Please bear with us, come September we will have some new pictures and videos.

Meanwhile, stay tuned, as we will release a short soundtrack-demo-reel in the next days, just for you guys. See you soon!

We are (a)live!

We are finally live. Wow. This is super exciting for us. Because this is not only our website going live, but at the same time we are announcing our first game: "How We Die". It is going to be a jRPG-like action-role-playing-game. On the story end, we have a really grim and dark experience coming your way. The game will portrait the everyday life of a modern-age wage slave, who finds his very own grown-up wonderland. And then needs to rethink how he wants to go on with his life. It is supposed to inspire you to venture out and find your own meaning in life - not an easy task, and frightening or even disturbing at times. Just like our game.

On the technical side of game development, we cooked up our very own engine for this. No game creation kits, not RPG Maker (it's really a nice software, though). This allowed us to use nice features like dynamic lighting, post processing and as many graphic layers as we wanted to use. Our AI is not really the smartest out there, but it will take cover, go heal or resupply, help each other, flee combat or join their comrades if alerted. We hope to challenge not only your reflexes, but also your tactical thinking a bit, as the NPC will have the very same weapons you use, and similar amounts of HP. Death will be a common event during your journey through "How We Die".

If you are interested, you can find more info on the game here: How We Die.

Meanwhile, we try to take care of setting up the homepage, and getting all our social media stuff running. You can find our Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts at the bottom of this page. Content and logos, banners etc. might take a few more days until everything is like we want it to be. We are looking forward to seeing you there from time to time, though. We will do a screenshot saturday most of the weeks, and try to keep up with weekly development blogs and some small videos highlighting certain aspects of our game.