This is our privacy page. We value your privacy. That's why we do not collect any data from you. We do not set cookies. None. We do not ask anything from you. We do not save your IP. We do have usage logs, that are saved for 90 days, but they use anonymized IP adresses (your IP will always show up as Your identity is none of our business.

If you do send us E-Mails or contact us via our contact form (which our server will send to us as an E-Mail), we store your contact information until communication is over, and for up to one year after (as we are too lazy to wipe our inbox and contacts every few weeks). Your data remains on our server all the time, no download to any device or local software is ever done.

If you have further questions regarding how we handle your data, or how we can further protect your privacy, please contact us via our contact page.