How we die

How We Die

A story-driven adventure about you, your dreams, and what you are willing to sacrifice to make them come true. Flee your boring everyday life and venture into a strange fantasy world where you are the hero and savior. Pick up a gun and liberate your dreams. But remember: choices have consequences.

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This retro 2D action RPG is inspired by the 16-bit RPGs from the good old days. It's both a story-driven narrative game as well as an action shooter.

You play as John, a modern-day wage slave in a big company, working day after day in his small cubicle. John's life is pretty boring. But one day Leto, a friendly spirit, invites him to leave his boring everyday life behind for a night and come with her to a better, more exciting world, where John can be a hero and a savior. Where he can make his dreams come true. Where he can be what he always wanted to be. Yet John must soon learn that happiness comes with a cost. And he must decide between his dreams and the life he has already built for himself. Especially since all of his choices have consequences.

How We Die is about the story. Great stories are what made the old 16-bit RPGs so awesome. With How We Die, the focus is on delivering a great narrative, but in a more modern engine, with real-time dynamic lighting, weather effects, a nice full audioscape, and a fantastic soundtrack to accompany your experience. A fast-paced combat system using everything from swords to modern assault rifles and grenades will challenge you in refreshing ways. And the choices you make during your adventure determine how it will end.