About Us

Fox Flower Games is a very small studio. Actually - it's just one person, really. We are trying to deliver great, fun games on a small budget, focusing less on fancy graphics, but on rewarding gameplay and deep storytelling. We try to make games that have a meaning. That teach you something about yourself. Make you think. Maybe help you understand yourself better, or even be happier. But most importantly: we want you to have fun.

The studio was founded in 2018. Ready for story time? Because here it comes: Our founder, Andreas, always wanted to be a game developer. But then, reality hit hard. You cannot earn a living making games, can you? You should learn something solid. So he became a psychologist. And after finishing university, he - got a programming job at a big German company. Java Developer. It had a lot to do with psychology, but he wasn't working with patients like you might have imagined. And after several years of working he noticed that something in his life was off. He wasn't really happy with the direction his life had taken. So he decided to change. He started working less. And spent time developing games. He always wanted to be a game dev, and a game dev he was going to be. So he founded Fox Flower Games. And got going with his first big project. Well, the rest of the story... you can see for yourself on our homepage, can't you?

Even though we try to do most of the work by ourselves, for a small studio it's impossible to do everything. So, here's a shoutout to all the voice actors, pixel artists, game testers, designers, sound artist, music composers and all the nice people that regularly help us out with our projects: you are awesome.

Andreas Wolf

Founder, Lead Developer and Social Media Manager